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You don’t stick around over 25 years in the fireworks business without taking care of people and offering the best prices. We do both with a passion. Come see for yourself. #bigboom

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Fireworks World Gives Back

Fireworks World is committed to serving the communities in which we live. Since 2004, Fireworks World has provided over 250,000 meals to our communities! We’re always on the lookout for ways to help. If you have suggestions, please reach out!

Exclusive 100% No Dud Guarantee

With over 30 years of experience buying and selling fireworks, we know who makes the most reliable products. That’s why Fireworks World carries TNT products, which are the highest quality and meet all AFSL safety standards.
And with our 100% No Dud Guarantee on TNT products, you can shop knowing that everything you buy from Fireworks World will do what it’s supposed to do and wow you, your family and your friends!

300 products under $3

No matter your budget, you can stock-up on family fun at Fireworks World. In addition to spectacular aerial displays, fountains, rockets, shells and assortments, you’ll find 300 items under $3! There is something for everyone and for every budget at Fireworks World.

Questions ?

So Glad You Asked!

Experts available to help you shop

The Fireworks World staff is always glad to offer suggestions and guidelines to help make your celebration the best it can be, and nobody knows TNT products like we do. In fact, we test fire the products we sell so our advice is personal, not from a brochure. Our store managers have a combined experience of over 128 years selling and shooting fireworks! Some of us started selling fireworks when we were teens. We’ve never stopped, because we love fireworks and love sharing the thrill of that perfect show in the sky.

Detailed Descriptions of each product

We carefully stock each Fireworks World location with individual item description cards that answer your basic questions, making it easier to shop on your own if you prefer. Knowing how high, how loud, how long, and what color a given item is will help you determine which items are right for you and your celebration. And if you think of any questions for our knowledgeable staff, we’re always ready to help.

The latest fireworks trends

The latest and greatest items from China include hot pink, brilliant yellow and dark purple colors with new Repeater Mine and Swarm effects. Bigger is better, and China continues to develop and expand impressive offerings in the 200-500 gram arena. While we see this as a good thing, we realize that 500-gram aerials are not appropriate for all celebrations. Fireworks World continually researches the best items in a variety of price ranges and display effects, so your celebration will be thrilling and your budget will be protected.

Are fireworks legal where I live ?

All of the fireworks we sell at Fireworks World are 100% legal in all of the states we serve. If you have questions concerning a neighboring state, click here for a directory of individual state laws. Laws vary by state and by individual communities within states. Check your local government listings if you are unsure.

How old do you have to be purchase fireworks?

Rules vary state to state. At Fireworks World you need to be 16 to purchase without a parent present. At most locations anyone under 16 can purchase if accompanied by a parent this means standing beside them at the register, not in the car waiting.

Do you sell M-80 or Cherry Bombs?

Absolutely not! They are illegal explosives and were outlawed in 1968!

Do you sell wholesale?

Fireworks World is for consumer retail fireworks, but you can contact for wholesale availability and information.


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